Thursday, 18 August 2011

A letter from George

My policy of more of the same militant neoliberal free
market economics is the only conceivable way forward.
Dear voter,

After 30 years of privatise everything, tax cuts & tax loopholes for the rich, pensions & welfare cuts for the poor, reckless deregulation of the financial sector, globalisation of trade & investment while maintaining vast regional inequalities in wages & working conditions, refusing subsidies to industries that actually produce things yet awarding the biggest state subsidies in economic history to failed industry in the form of bailouts and money printing to save a bunch of gambling charlatans, ideologically driven neoliberal economics has doubled the concentration of wealth in the pockets of the richest 1%, turned a vast percentage of workers into debt slaves, provoked popular uprisings and riots all over Europe and the middle east and turned the world economy to over-leveraged, panic stricken chaos.

The only solutions to the problems of growing inequality and debt, ever increasing dissent and increased market volatility are; more privatisation, more tax cuts and tax loopholes for the rich, more "austerity" for the poor, more deregulation of the financial sector, more globalised trade & finance with greater regional inequalities in labour and less support for productive industry in favour of giving billions more to the "masters of the universe" in the banking sector (that coincidentally provide 60% of Tory party funding).

Yours faithfully

George Osborne BA Modern History

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