Thursday, 21 October 2021

The ringleader of the Gove ambush was a Tory

When Michael Gove was accosted by protestors in the street, the self-righteous condemnation from establishment politicians and the corporate media hack pack was instantaneous.

The usual radical-right suspects like Julia Hartley Brewer and Tom Harwood shared clips of the incident to whip up outrage by exclaiming how "shocking" and "unacceptable" they found it.

Several senior Labour MPs rushed to join in the performative outrage with tweets condemning the incident.

Former Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper described the scene as "completely unacceptable" and thanked the police for stepping in.

The dreadful Chris Bryant dialled up the outrage with more vehement condemnation and the ludicrously over-dramatic declaration "what have we become?"

Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds took a break from his19 month invisibility act to proclaim that these scenes were particularly inappropriate because they happened in the week after the David Amess murder.

Obviously a load of Tories jumped into action too, attempting to weave the incident into their absurdist non-sequitur of a narrative about how the murder of an MP by a known Islamist extremist who slipped through a government anti-radicalisation programme ... means they now need to abolish Internet anonymity!

The thing that absolutely none of these establishment outrage mongers bothered to mention is that the ringleader of this harassment was until recently a Tory party councillor!

Will Coleshill was ejected from the Tory ranks in 2018 for hurling racist abuse at a Labour Party councillor, but he's come back to do his beloved former party a massive favour by giving the political establishment and corporate media outrage-mongers an incident to moral high-horse about, and weave into their authoritarian drive to crush Internet freedom.

Will Coleshill has never hidden behind Internet anonymity. He uses his real name on all of his social media accounts, and on his Resistance GB bio too, and on his abandoned Tory party councillor profile too.

He carries out all of his extremism in public, using his real name, and gets away with it.

Coleshill has got form for harassing MPs too, having accosted Jess Phillips in the street in 2019.

There's literally no excuse for Labour MPs to not know who this racist Tory-boy extremist is.

It's no wonder the Tories are playing along with the outrage-mongering narrative, because it could hardly fit their radically right-wing authoritarian agenda better, but what the hell are Labour playing at?

Why on earth are they spewing faux outrage about the incident, rather than pointing out that the ringleader was actually one of the Tories' own?

The answer seems to be that Keir Starmer is completely onboard with the Tory agenda. He's already declared that he'll whip Labour MPs into supporting the Tory attack on Internet freedom if they rush the legislation back into parliament this year!

I'm sure his dwindling band of apologists will be more than willing to do the required mental gymnastics to explain how "forensic" it is for Sir Abstainsalot to promise to support legislation that isn't even properly drafted yet ...

The fact that the ringleader of the Michael Gove ambush was actually a Tory would be a great attack point for any opposition worthy of the name, but instead Starmer and the useless nincompoops he's surrounded himself with have actually joined in with the Tory outrage-mongering, and the hard-selling of the Tories' authoritarian crackdown on Internet freedom!

It looks an awful lot like the entire political establishment class is colluding to attack our freedoms, and racist Tory-boy agitator Will Coleshill is actually helping them push this radically right-wing authoritarian agenda.

Big credit to Lloyd Hardy on Twitter for doing the digging on Will Coleshill's very recent Tory past. Make sure to give him a follow if you're on there.

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Anonymous said...

Cor, half a dozen articles in however many weeks. Thomas recovered from the post 2019 election then?

Scrotox said...


I underestimated you.
You show signs of being almost numerate.

Anonymous said...




x x

Scrotox said...

But you are definitely a troll.

Anonymous said...


You want to teach children that they are different because of their race.

You're a fascist. It's a simple statement of fact.

Scrotox said...

Making stuff up and just screaming the word fascist at everybody doesn't really constitute a point.
Seek help.

Anonymous said...


Really? We've already established you think white and black people are different and that black people can't talk for themselves (Labour conference remember?) You're a shit racist mate. I'm just telling you how it is.

That you're a socialist and a racist; fascist.

Good night.

Scrotox said...

If anyone out there needs an almost perfect encapsulation of 'cognitive dissonance', the above post would be a splendid starting point.

Anonymous said...


Really? I've been quiet consistent calling out your racism, trolling and bad arguments throughout? I can't help it if you've decided to spread it over so many articles.

Does this hysterical, holier then thou approach convince a lot of people to see politics your way?

How many people have you convinced? Is it less then one? Lol.

Scrotox said...

Go back and look at what you wrote at the top of the page, and stop embarrassing yourself, gherkin brain....

Anonymous said...


You mean where you responded with an insult to my post about Thomas upping his content? Kind of proving my point there dude.

Scrotox said...

Your sarcastic, mocking comment at the top of the page....not constructive debate.
You're reaping what you've sown.
Quit whining about it.

Anonymous said...


Oof, now I think we're really delving into the mind of the fascist. They see a well meant point regarding the writers lack of articles post 2019 (Thomas himself spoke about winding the blog down because of the Facebook algorithms). Indeed if you go far enough back enough to the beginning of this year he actually wrote an article addressing this.

And you decided to attack me for it.

The fascist see's enemies everywhere.

Scrotox said...

I read the article.
Anyway, the fact you keep calling me a Nazi or Fascist every time I am sarcastic toward you because you aren't constructive in your debating gives the lie as to how most of what you write should be read.

Anonymous said...


Well, at least you're admitting (partially) that your accusation was your usual hot air. We both know why I'm calling you a fascist tho. Hint; you support the Labour parties racist policies.

Scrotox said...

No it's because you're not very imaginative and you have a very limited choice of vocabulary.

Anonymous said...


Whoa! unimaginative? I've called you at least four other variations of fascist today alone! Harsh mate.

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