Tuesday 2 September 2014

"Your page is going to be taken down" - threats from the lunatic fascist fringe

I don't normally choose to share the threatening personal messages that I receive, however in this case I'm going to make an exception due to the extraordinary audacity of the right-wing fanatics who are threatening to get my Another Angry Voice Facebook page shut down.

The threatening message was sent to me by a guy using the made-up name "Jonathan Valkyrie" who claims to represent the fascist Facebook page National British Resistance, which is a feeble impersonation of the Britain First page.

Here's the text of the message:
Your page is going to be taken down because clearly you've been using it to put out a Left-Wing bias when you had a duty to inform the British public about the truth.
You've abused this trust and your position as a responsible page owner and now you may very well lose the Page.
We'll claim responsibility if it happens and wallow in your misery by contacting you on twitter. If it doesn't happen then we'll keep trying. Either way, the clock is ticking.
Before I get to the piece of information that shows exactly how ludicrous these extremist idiots are, I'll just run through a few objections to the actual content of the message.

The first thing to note is that these right-wing extremists have an absolute hatred of free speech. They cannot abide alternative viewpoints to their own. The reason they wish to censor my page is fear. These cowards are afraid that their own ideology is so weak and unjustifiable that that the only means of protecting it is to censor and silence all dissenting voices.

According to these fascists I have "a duty to inform the British public about the truth", which is what I believe I have been doing for the last four years. I always endeavour to back up my assertions with rational analysis and numerous links to supporting evidence, which is more than I've ever seen  any of these fascist groups do.

Of course I'm, "biased" because the only absolute form of neutrality is complete and utter apathy (which means that anyone who claims to be unbiased should be distrusted immediately). I'm biased towards concepts like social justice and participatory democracy, and I'm biased against the Westminster establishment and obnoxious neo-fascist groups who go around threatening to censor the free speech of anyone they disagree with.

Ridiculously the representatives of this National British Resistance page seem incapable of realising that they themselves are riddled with bias, and a much more dangerous and irrational form of bias than my own. Accusations of bias from a pack of people whose number one objective on their 22 point plan is the forced deportation of all non-whites are hilarious. At least I'm not "biased" against people due to nothing more than the colour of their skin!

Some of the other policies in the NBR 22 point plan include the expulsion of all Jews to Israel and the confiscation of Jewish assets, the formation of a one party dictatorship, reintroduction of the death penalty, reintroduction of national service, the use of forced labour schemes, the abolition of all trade unions, the abolition of feminism and the "unnatural agenda that preaches women are allowed to do the duties of men" and a plan to abandon all multinational treaties and unions apart from the Commonwealth, which is supposedly to be turned into an international dictatorship controlled by National British Resistance.

It's hard to see how a page with such a lunatic agenda has amassed some 57,000 followers, but given that their posts rarely receive more than a few dozen interactions, it seems pretty clear that the vast majority of their followers are actually the result of click farms (teams of low-paid workers in countries like Bangladesh that add fake Facebook likes for as little as $15 per 1,000). If you click on the "likes" button on the page, Facebook helpfully explains that the number one demographic is Istanbul in Turkey, which seems more than a little odd for the Facebook page of a British fascist group with a visceral hatred of Muslims.

A blatantly ripped off version of one of my own
images, here's a link to the original.
Now to the salient point that exposes these fascists as the ludicrous opportunists they are: Shortly before sending me a message to announce that they are actively working to censor my free speech, they stole one of my Another Angry Voice infographics, replaced my logo with their own and then posted it on their wall.

The absolute cheek of blatantly ripping off my work and then threatening to get my page shut down is laughable. I don't normally resort to insults in my work, but these people are absolute scum. Not only do they promote their revolting hate fuelled dictatorship, they are intent on using censorship to protect their closed ideology, but not before blatantly stealing the arguments of those they are intent on silencing.

In conclusion I suppose that I must be doing something right if vile extreme-right nutters like this have decided that I'm an enemy who needs to be silenced.

I'll leave it up to you whether you want to visit their Facebook page to counter their repulsive views, report the numerous posts that seem to contravene Facebook terms and conditions, or just have a good old laugh at the contemptible gibberish that passes for debate and analysis on the far right fringe.

UPDATE: In the week following these threats, the admin at the NBR Facebook page has repeatedly plagiarised my work. I've also been informed that the guy behind the page is a former Tory party member called Joshua Bonehill, who has been in and out of court since he was a teenager, and earlier in 2014 he was found guilty of malicious communications after making up fake news stories in order to incite hatred against Muslims.
2nd UPDATE: Joshua Bonehill has been arrested for sending death threats and anti-Semitic abuse to the Labour MP Luciana Berger.

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