Thursday 12 January 2012

2011 in UK Plc

Here are a few facts about the performance of the UK economy in 2011.

Throw in increasing unemployment, skyrocketing utilities and fuel prices, unscrupulous and virtually unregulated landlords, unsustainable house prices, public transport overcrowding and price inflation, the massive scale of UK private personal debt, Osborne's pathetically self-defeating public sector austerity measures and no attempts to rein in the activities of London's parasitic shadow banking sector, the UK economy looks to be in ruinously poor shape.

The naked greed of these corporate executives should be enough to provoke a massive and unstoppable UK wide anti-capitalist movement. However the British general public have now become so docile, apathetic and down right stupid that they would prefer to vote in meaningless Strictly Disabled Celebrity X-Dancing on Ice polls than rise up in protest against a corrupt and impossibly comprimised establishment elite that seem perfectly happy to rake in their huge taxpayer funded salaries and pension contributions, whilst their loyalties are bought by the corporatists with expensive junkets, campaign contributions and the promise of future highly paid executive positions on the side, so that they are incentivised to allow neo-classical capitalism to continue to eat itself from the inside at the expense of everyone in the country but the tiny corporate elite.

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deano30 said...

A grand rant - with which I find myself in sad agreement.