Monday, 30 January 2017

Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban is a gift to extremists

Make no mistake. Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban is an absolute gift to extremists.

It's a gift to the fascistic white supremacist demographic who propelled Donald Trump into the White House, and made the extreme-right propagandist Steve Bannon one of the most powerful men on the planet. They've been baying for this kind of bigoted arbitrary discrimination for years. By giving them a bit of what they want Trump and Bannon have rewarded them for their votes.

White supremacist racists adore the idea of ethnicity and nationality based discrimination, but they're not the only extremists who will be delighted at Trump's Muslim travel ban. Islamist extremists all over the world will be ecstatic at this collective discrimination against Muslims, because it represents evidence to support their narrative that the West hate Muslims. 

It's a massive boon for them because it feeds into their divisive "clash of civilisations" agenda. "Look at how the West hate and discriminate against Muslims" is the perfect recruiting tool for these appalling savages.

Trump's Muslim ban is also a gift to the extremist Islamist theocracy in Saudi Arabia, which for some reason is one of the Muslim majority countries in the middle east to be excluded from the travel ban list. Let's not forget that 15 of the 19 September 11th attackers were Saudis; that it's widely acknowledged that Saudi Arabia spreads Islamist extremism and terrorism all over the world; that the leaked Clinton emails showed that the Americans have known for quite some time that Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS; nor that even the Saudi Arabian ministry admits that there are over 2,000 Saudi Arabians fighting for ISIS to create their barbaric Islamist caliphate in the middle east.

It's extraordinary that Saudi Arabia gets a free pass on this Muslim travel ban despite their obvious links to Islamist extremism, but it's hardly surprising given the vast amount of US weapons the Saudis buy, the vast amount of US currency, stocks and bonds they hold, and the fact that the Trump business empire has investments in Saudi Arabia too.

Social liberals find it easy to see the wrongness of Trump's arbitrary collective discrimination against Muslims from some countries but not others.

  • Turning away refugees fleeing persecution and abuse is appalling. 
  • Arbitrary collective discrimination is bigoted and inhumane. 
  • Discriminating against people based on their religious beliefs is profoundly unconstitutional.

  • Barring people who just need to fly through American airports to get to their final destinations is egregious. 

  • Barring people who are just visiting temporarily to spend time with dying relatives is sadistic.

  • Barring people who actually served alongside American soldiers during their imperialist wars is an obvious betrayal. 

  • Expecting countries in Europe and the middle east to carry the entire burden of the refugee crisis that stemmed from the American invasion and occupation of Iraq is astoundingly selfish.
  • Turning away refugees from Iraq (a country suffering the appalling consequences of US imperialism) whilst welcoming Saudi Arabians (a country that funds, arms and supplies ISIS) is completely unjustifiable.
Anyone with any basic human decency can see how unjust Trump's Muslim travel ban is, but you don't even need to recognise the injustice of it in order to see the biggest problem of all, you just need to be a pragmatist:

You just have to look at who actually benefits from this kind of cruel and arbitrary collective discrimination, and the answer is extremists.

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