Tuesday, 15 January 2019

A reality check for anyone who says they feel sorry for Theresa May

Anyone saying they feel sorry for Theresa May over the humiliating 432-202 defeat of her shambolic Brexit proposals really needs to have a good hard think about reality for a while.

This is a woman who occupied one of the highest offices of state while the Tory party punished millions of people with despicable austerity dogma, wage repression, public service cuts, social security cuts, and privatisation mania (the collapse in living standards caused by these policies created the wave of public anger that delivered Brexit in the first place).

This is a woman who cynically fuelled racism with her anti-immigrant rhetoric and her despicable "go home vans" that even Nigel Farage and the ukippers condemned as "unbritish"!

This is a woman who introduced the Hostile Environment rules that destroyed the lives of uncounted numbers of British citizens by denying them access to housing, employment, bank accounts, social security, pensions, health care, and even the right to return to their own country after trips overseas.

This is a woman who weaseled her way into the top job with a self-serving low-key non-campaign in favour of Remain (purely so that she could keep her job as Home Secretary), followed by the total reversal of presenting herself as Mrs Brexit means Brexit (after getting her media and political allies to bully her rival out of the Tory leadership contest).

This is a woman who has been threatening 66 million British people with the absolute devastation of a "no deal" economic meltdown if she doesn't get her own way, which is just a reworking of her despicable threat against the EU that if they didn't give her the unicorns she was demanding that she'd blow up an economic bomb under the UK in the hope of causing a bit of collateral damage to mainland Europe.

This is a woman who made her own damned job so much harder by throwing away her own parliamentary majority in an unprecedented display of political hubris. What made it even worse was that she'd promised the nation that there would be "no snap election" repeatedly before she called her hubris election.

This is a woman who is prepared to grovel at the feet of misogynistic, homophobic, head-chopping, journalist-dismembering Saudi tyrants in order to flog them even more British weapons that she knows are being used to commit outrageous war crimes in Yemen.

This is a woman who saw that utterly despicable Nazi-style "enemies of the people" Daily Mail front page that was intended to whip up a storm of abuse and death threats against three innocent British judges who were simply doing their jobs, then decided to actually hire the author of it (James Slack) to work as her personal political propagandist in 10 Downing Street!

This is a woman who cynically decided to use the lives of millions of people as disposable political pawns in her cynical power games instead of simply offering residence and reassurance to the 3 million EU citizens in the UK as an early Brexit priority.

This is a woman who repeatedly refused to negotiate or compromise with opposition parties or devolved parliaments in order to build consensus about what to do over the Brexit debacle the Tories had lumbered us with. She ignored them, propagandised against them, and whipped her MPs into removing their attempted amendments to her Brexit legislation.

This is a woman who humiliated Britain on the world stage by cynically delaying the "meaningful vote" in December, simply because she knew she was going to lose it. A cowardly evasion that means we just wasted away another month in which we could have been trying to clear up the appalling mess she's presided over. But instead she spent that month just hiding away as the Article 50 clock ticks down to the chaos scenario she's been threatening since the start.

This is a woman who deliberately ran the entire Brexit process as a closed Tory shop, and exclusively for the benefit of the Tory party. A woman who sidelined everyone else for her own party's political advantage, and now seeks to cast the blame onto everyone else when it all goes wrong.

If she had any decency or integrity she'd resign on the spot after losing by 230 votes, but she won't. She won't resign because she's determined to keep defying the national interest by clinging selfishly to power for as long as possible, because the service of the self is the central tenet of the ideological cult that she leads, the Conservative Party.
And she didn't just bring it all on herself. She brought it on herself in an unbelievably callous, autocratic, hubristic, incompetent, and downright vindictive manner.

Anyone who claims they're feeling sorry for her after all of that has possibly the worst case of misplaced sympathies it's possible to imagine.

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