Friday 31 August 2018

If you combine all the anti-Corbyn smears together, they actually add up to Frank Field!

One of the most extraordinary things about Labour right-wingers is their willingness to demonstrate their own mendacity. And there's no finer example of this than their reaction to Frank Field's resignation of the Labour whip after his local Labour party recently voted "no confidence" in him continuing as their MP.

To see Labour right-wingers suddenly lauding Frank Field as some kind of political saint because he's attacked Jeremy Corbyn just goes to prove how utterly devoid of principles this atrocious mob really are.


1. Labour right-wingers continually smear and attack Jeremy Corbyn for supposedly not doing enough to oppose Tory Brexit (despite the fact Labour have opposed the Tories in almost every actual Brexit vote).
2. Jeremy Corbyn once again opposes Tory Brexit by voting to take the ludicrous Tory threat of a "no deal" economic meltdown off the table, but he's betrayed by Frank Field who votes with the Tories to save Theresa May's skin.

3. Frank Field resigns the Labour whip after his local Labour Party vote "no confidence"  in him because of his support for hard-right Tory Brextremism.
4. Frank Field jumps before he's pushed by resigning the Labour whip, and Labour Right wingers suddenly begin lauding him as a political saint and using his departure as a stick to attack Jeremy Corbyn with!
Only the most blindly partisan of political fools could have failed to notice the way the Labour right-wingers switched seamlessly from using accusations of Brextremism to attack Jeremy Corbyn, to actually siding with a Brextremist to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Frank Field is the living embodiment of their anti-Corbyn smears

Think back through the anti-Corbyn smears that the Labour right-wingers have used in their desperate efforts to derail the democratic socialist movement he leads and re-install an adherent of the centre-right neoliberal orthodoxy as Labour leader.

  • They try to claim that Corbyn is some kind of horrible Enoch Powell figure ... but their new hero Frank Field publicly lauded Enoch Powell, and the regularity of his anti-immigrant rhetoric led to the Church of England Bishop Peter Selby labelling him "the new Enoch Powell".
So if you stitch all the Labour right-wingers' hyperbolic anti-Corbyn smears together (the anti-Semitic, Brexity, Tory-enabling, xenophobic "new Enoch Powell") into some kind of freakish Frankenstein monster of a Labour politician, you actually end up with Frank Field!

But somehow they Labour right-wingers are all busy conferring political sainthood upon him because he publicly attacked Jeremy Corbyn!

The mendacity, hypocrisy, and downright dishonesty of painting Jeremy Corbyn as this Brexity, xenophobic Powellesque monster, but then actually lauding the actual Brexity, xenophobic, Powellesque monster of the Labour movement as a political saint because he criticises Corbyn. It's absolutely extraordinary.

Perhaps somebody should tell these people about how "the enemy of my enemy is not automatically my friend"? Or maybe we should just allow these people to wallow in their own hypocrisy?

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