Tuesday 2 May 2017

Theresa May's visit to Cornwall

Theresa May is terrified of scrutiny so she's following a strategy of conducting her general election campaign from a succession of Tory safe spaces where the public are excluded and the ability of the press to hold her to account is severely restricted by her minders.

On her visit to a factory in Helston in Cornwall the press were banned from filming her arrival and departure (in case any protesters turned up like they have at other campaign events) and they spent most of her actual visit locked in a room.

The local press were eventually released and allowed to ask questions, but only two pre-approved ones each.

Tory control over Theresa May's safe spaces has got ever more extreme through the first two weeks of the election campaign.

The door that local press were locked behind in order to preserve
Theresa May's safe space (picture courtesy of Cornwall Live)
Following on from the excruciating blunder where she was filmed failing to remember the name of the place she was visiting and calling it "this particular town" the clampdown has been intensified. Members of the press are now being banned from filming or photographing Theresa May's replies evasive non-answers to the pre-approved questions her minders let them ask.

Cornwall is one of the poorest regions in the entire United Kingdom, but for some inexplicable reason the people decided to elect Tories in all six of their parliamentary seats.

Several other Tory dominated regions like the Home Counties and rural Yorkshire have avoided the worst of the Tory cuts because the Tories have systematically targeted the most savage local government cuts at the poorest regions, whilst actually handing funding increases to some leafy Tory councils!

Despite their craven loyalty to the Tories, Cornwall has been hit with massive funding cuts meaning Cornwall Council has suffered a £194 million funding deficit since 2013.

Theresa May's contemptuous response to questions about this deficit was to evasively resort to more robotic repetition of her "strong and stable leadership" mantra.

This kind of evasive non-answer demonstrates absolute Tory contempt for the people of Cornwall, and her minders' attempts to control and restrict what the media could report about her visit demonstrates a severe right-wing authoritarian streak that is terribly incompatible with traditional liberal British values.

Theresa May's strategy of campaigning in ruthlessly enforced Tory safe spaces has already earned her the nickname Kim Jong May, but will the public wake up to the fact that she's behaving like a petty little tyrant who is smugly confident of winning a thumping majority and absolute power to continue chaotically making things up as she goes along?

Probably not if the mainstream media insist on reporting the slick propaganda from within her safe spaces, and not the fact that the public have been excluded, or that the local press spent most of the visit locked in a room by Theresa May's minders.

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