Tuesday 2 May 2017

Mark Steel hilariously torpedoes Theresa May's claims of "stability"

In a Radio 5 interview with John Pienaar the comedian Mark Steel hilariously torpedoed Theresa May's robotically repeated claims about the need for everyone to vote Tory to ensure "stability".

Here's what he said:
"Stability is: The Conservatives call a referendum to silence their own critics, accidentally lose it (oops, we've destroyed a 50 year long economic strategy for Britain), well never mind right, because my mate from Eton can take over ... but oops the man who was here earlier [Michael Gove] knifes him, and then in turn gets knifed, so we're now run by a woman who spent years saying we can only thrive if we're inside the EU, who now says we can only thrive outside the EU. That's 'stability'. You can't get more 'stable' than that!"
Steel said enough to get his point across but he could have gone on by pointing out that the only reason we're having an election now is that the woman who U-turned on the EU also U-turned on her guarantees to the British public and UK based businesses that she wouldn't throw the nation into instability by calling an election before 2020.

What's more is that she called her self-serving snap election just three weeks after setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky diplomatic negotiations in British history!

Theresa May isn't offering stability at all. She's actually threatening the polar opposite of stability.

She's actually made the threat of a catastrophic "no deal" strop away from the Brexit negotiating table the centrepiece of her so-called negotiating strategy.
It's now been revealed that the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker thinks that Theresa May is so delusional and poorly briefed about the challenges ahead that the social and economic ruination of a "no deal" British flounce out of Europe are actually more likely than not with Theresa May at the helm!

Make no mistake. If Theresa May gets a whopping great majority to deliver the extremist "no deal" Brexit strop the hard-right fringe of the Tory party have always wanted, the ensuing social and economic chaos (import and export tariffs, job losses, border controls, capital flight, chaos in Ireland, extreme economic uncertainty, currency depreciation, almost certain break-up of the UK ...) will trigger a recession to make the 2007-08 global financial sector insolvency crisis look like a teddybears' picnic.

Theresa May is slow-marching the UK towards an economic cliff edge under an Orwellian banner of economic stability and the mindless drones who rote learn their political opinions from the mainstream media are joyously marching along behind her!

The remarkable thing is that she's actually being allowed to get away with this.

Just consider how the complicit media are much more interested in dragging the shadow Home Secretary over the coals for a mind fart where she said "three hundred thousand" instead of "three hundred million" in a radio interview, than in highlighting the fact that Theresa May is so terrified of being held to account that her Tory safe space minders locked a load of journalists up in a room and banned them from filming or photographing her!

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom locked journalists in a room because she didn't want them compromising her Tory safe space, but the mainstream media completely ignore this autocratic contempt for the free press and fixate instead on Diane Abbott getting her numbers in a muddle when explaining a good Labour Party policy to combat crime by reversing the most extreme cuts in policing levels the UK has ever undergone.

With the mainstream media behaving in such a craven and complicit manner it's no wonder there are millions of people out there who actually believe that Theresa May is a strong leader (not a pathetic coward who shuttles around from one Tory safe space to another, avoiding unscripted encounters with the public and locking up members of the press as she goes along) who is slow marching the UK towards the most catastrophically unstable form of Brexit imaginable.

It's a shame that there are only a few lone voices of sanity in the mainstream press trying to point this kind of stuff out.

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