Friday 28 April 2017

Wake up Theresa: The UK is facing a 27 vs 1 diplomatic nightmare

On Thursday 27th April 2017, over ten months since the vote for Brexit, and almost a month since Theresa May set the clock ticking on the Brexit negotiations by triggering Article 50, the AFP news agency reported the "breaking news" that Theresa May has accused the other 27 EU countries of lining up to oppose Britain over Brexit!

It beggars belief that Theresa May came out with such a ridiculous statement, and that anyone consdered it newsworthy for any reason other than the fact that an actual British Prime Minster could have made such an extraordinarily slow-witted observation.

Of course the other 27 EU nations are opposing Britain over Brexit. It was obvious that Brexit was going to cause a massive diplomatic nightmare way before the referendum even took place.
  • Who on earth could have imagined that the EU would bend over backwards to give Britain what it wants, even if we were departing their club on amicable terms (which we're certainly not under Theresa May's lamentable leadership)?

  • For goodness sake. Why wouldn't they defend their own economic interests and the integrity of their union?

  • What on earth would possess them to offer better terms to a departing member than the terms available to existing (fee-paying) members of their club?
The thing that makes this statement from Theresa May all the more ridiculous is that if anyone is most responsible for the hard line the EU diplomats and member states are taking, it's clearly Theresa May herself.

Theresa May is hardening attitudes against us with her displays of bellicose foot stamping belligerence and her disdain for the liberal values that have bound Europe together ever since the two great British statesmen Winston Churchill (Tory) and Clement Attlee (Labour) collaborated to ensure nothing as horrific as the Holocaust could ever happen again by enshrining liberal British values across the whole continent of Europe through the European Convention on Human Rights.

After an excruciating six months of "Brexit means Brexit" dithering Theresa May finally announced her so-called "negotiating strategy" in her infamous January 2017 clown costume speech unveiling the centrepiece of her strategy to be a ridiculous threat that boiled down to "give us what we want or we'll trigger an economic meltdown by stropping away from the negotiating table with nothing".

It hardly takes a genius to recognise that threatening to blow up an economic bomb over Europe is not the way to establish good diplomatic relations with the EU 27.

Aside from making this belligerent threat the centrepiece of her "negotiating strategy" Theresa May has also severely pissed off our 27 former European allies by showing utter disdain for human rights. She's threatening to attack Churchill's finest legacy by scrapping the human rights of all UK citizens and residents, and her government also voted down an opposition party amendment to her Article 50 Act that would have obliged the government to at least begin looking into the process of protecting the rights of EU citizens who are resident in the UK.

Theresa May's contempt for human rights has horrified politicians across the European political spectrum from the centre-right EPP group all the way across to the progressive left and the greens. Her insistence on treating the lives of 3 million EU citizens in the UK as bargaining chips in the reckless game of brinkmanship she's playing is probably even less popular on the continent.

It's quite extraordinary that the British public, egged on by the jingoistic shouting of the right-wing propaganda rags actually allow themselves to believe that Theresa May's ludicrous threats against the economy of the people we have to negotiate some kind of deal with, and her extreme-right disdain for liberal values are examples of the "strong and stable leadership" that she's always wittering on about like a broken robot.

If the British people vote for a strutting combative charlatan like Theresa May, when they can see full well that she's too cowardly even to face Jeremy Corbyn or the other party leaders in a live debate, they'll be sleepwalking into chaos.

On June 23rd 2016 absolutely nobody voted for Theresa May to adopt a belligerent and self-defeatingly combative "make it up as I goes along" approach to Brexit, but if the British public hand her a thumping parliamentary majority on June 8th, then we'd be giving her a mandate to deliver a total bloody disaster.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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