Tuesday 28 February 2017

The BBC fake news headline about the NHS

The BBC has created a fake news story with a headline damning the NHS for a massive loss of patient data, even though the data loss actually happened at a private outsourcing company called NHS Shared Business Services.

The headline of the article (the only bit that huge numbers of people will actually read) blames the NHS for the loss, and it's only in the fifth paragraph that the article actually mentions the reality that the responsible party was a private mail redirection company.

As Kerry Ann Mendoza at the Canary points out, other elements of the media went on a churnalism frenzy, with Rupert Murdoch's propagandists at the S*n and Sky News also using the data loss story to slam the NHS.

This isn't the first time that stories about private companies cocking up NHS work have been completely twisted by the mainstream media in order to attack the NHS, and even to actually promote the idea of even more NHS privatisation as the solution to such blunders!

In June 2014 Rupert Murdoch's hacks at Sky News invented the headline Newborn Dies As NHS Drips Poison 15 Babies when the evidence was absolutely clear that the contaminated drips were actually supplied by a private company called ITH Pharma Limited.

In May 2015 The Daily Mail ran the headline Bungling NHS bosses apologise after wrongly sending 850 patients letters telling them they might have CANCER without even bothering to mention in the article that the blunder was actually caused by a private printing company doing outsourced NHS administration work.

Now we have yet another example of the mainstream media pinning the blame for private sector failings onto the NHS, and this time it comes from the supposedly politically neutral BBC!

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