Friday 4 November 2016

Democracy-loving Brexiters are calling for a military coup!

The apoplectic right-wing reaction to the High Court ruling that parliament is sovereign so Theresa May can't just behave like a dictator by making up new laws to suit herself and her party donors has been incredible to witness.

The searing hypocrisy of people who wouldn't stop banging on about "parliamentary sovereignty" before the EU referendum suddenly having furious meltdowns over a court ruling that parliament is sovereign is pretty amusing, but some of the other stuff is quite frankly alarming.

The Daily Mail declaring the three pro-democratic judges to be "Enemies of the People" on their front page is a clear attack on the independence of the judiciary, and their homophobic attack on one of the judges was a clear reminder that they are a bigoted extreme-right propaganda organisation with a long history of promoting fascism, racism and homophobia.

Perhaps the most bizarre reaction to the court ruling that parliament is sovereign and Theresa May can't just make up the law as she goes along was a Facebook post by Brexiter Neale Wallington, who made a public appeal for the British army to launch a military coup in order to ensure Brexit goes ahead!

Democracy-loving Neale is apparently so immune to irony that he can't see any problem at all with his appeal for the British army to "act for democracy" by ... errr ... launching a coup d'etat against the government.

It's indicative of the furious fact-free bubbles that Brexiters like Neale Wallington live in that they're so furious that the High Court has stopped Theresa May from behaving like a dictator that they're now keen to see the UK suffer the chaos of a military coup d'etat just so they can have their beloved Brexit.

People like Neale clearly haven't given the remotest thought as to what Brexit actually means. they don't give a damn about the nuts and bolts of it (trade deals, import duties, customs unions, legislative reform, international relations ...). To these people Brexit is some kind of synonym for "promised land", so they don't give a damn whether the Brexit they get is one that has been negotiated exclusively for the benefit of the Tory party and their backers (bankers, private health corporations, landed gentry and buy-to-let slumlords ...) or one that is enforced by a brutal military dictatorship.

As long as people like Neale get their beloved Brexit it doesn't matter to them what has to be sacrificed to achieve it. They'd happily scrap the independence of the judiciary, free speech, parliamentary sovereignty, even parliament itself, just to get what they want.

I'm pretty sure most Remain voters are getting increasingly concerned about how things have gone so bonkers that the right-wing press are busy redefining "democracy" to mean "totalitarian dictatorship" and savagely attacking the independence of the judiciary. But then I'm also sure that there must be quite a significant number of Brexit voters who thought the UK would be better off outside the EU, but who aren't exactly enamoured by the idea of their fellow Brexiters trying to provoke a military coup/deadly civil war to achieve it.

I'm pretty sure that no matter which way we voted in the EU referendum, anyone with a shred of sanity has to be horrified at the idea of a Brexiter military coup d'etat. Surely even the most staunch Brexiter has to admit that their fellow Brexiters calling for the military to overthrow the government in the name of "democracy" is unacceptable lunacy?

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