Friday, 25 March 2016

Bad week for the Tories - Attack Jeremy Corbyn

In the wake of George Osborne's March 2016 Budget of Failure the Tory party endured the worst week they've had had since the Lib-Dems enabled them back into power in 2010.

A bad week for the Tories

Here are just a few things that went wrong for them:

  • Labour immediately condemned the Tory budget as having "unfairness at its very core" because it planned to impoverish hundreds of thousands of disabled people whilst handing out lavish tax cuts to corporations, the asset rich and high earners.
Attack Corbyn

Given this catalogue of failures, it might have been fair to assume that the mainstream press might actually begin to question David Cameron's leadership, but the mainstream media narrative was quickly set that Jeremy Corbyn was the real failure of the week for apparently not attacking the Tories effectively enough!

Pretty soon online discussion threads were filled with people spouting this feeble narrative as if the thoughts were their own, rather than some absolute drivel they'd rote learned from the right-wing press and mindlessly regurgitated as if it was their own opinion. However, i
f people actually listened to some of the responses from Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Angela Eagle this week they'd have heard strong criticisms of the Tories that the likes of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls never managed to deliver.

Spurned Blairites

The biggest problem for Jeremy Corbyn remains the pathetic crowd of spurned Blairites who, even this week, have been feeding anti-Corbyn stories to the mainstream press. Even when the Tory party is visibly imploding, the spurned Blairites are far more interested in attacking Corbyn than they are in attacking the Tories!

Hypocritically, the main focus of their foolish self-destructive attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are that he's apparently "not good enough at attacking the Tories". Well, even if you don't think Jeremy Corbyn has done as well as he could have done - at least he was actually attacking the Tories, unlike the spurned Blairite crowd who are still clearly far more intent on tearing the Labour Party apart, even in the worst week this Tory government has ever endured, than actually criticising the Tories.


The UK has the most right-wing press in Europe, so it's no surprise whatever that they've once again jumped in to try to save their golden boy George Osborne from the absolute mauling he so clearly deserves with pathetically contrived attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.

What is more worrying is that even during the most catastrophic week the Tories have endured in years, there are still crowds of pathetic spurned Blairites willing to feed anti-Corbyn stories to the press rather than concentrate of attacking the Tories. With a party full of self-defeating backstabbers like that, it seems pretty unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn will ever be able to defeat the Tories, even if he continues to up his game.

Another worrying factor is the sheer number of
 mindless rote-learners out there who are ever so happy to soak up the latest feeble "blame Corbyn" narrative, and repeat it as if it's their own opinion. It just goes to show what a shocking level public discourse has declined to that people would not only allow themselves to be convinced that it was Jeremy Corbyn who had a bad week, not David Cameron, but also to go around trying to convince other people to believe in such transparent gibberish too.

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